Host-Based Compensation Cost Projection Calculator

Test local pay scenarios in-house, quickly and easily

Mercer’s Host-Based Compensation Cost Projection Calculator (HBCCP) helps you understand the cost of putting an international assignee on a host-based compensation approach, whether for a temporary or open-end transfer, or for international hires.

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Perform full cost-estimate calculations without having to take the employee’s current country of residence into account.

Test different local-pay scenarios in-house. Quickly, easily and cost-efficiently.

Readily test a full range of compensation approach scenarios by coupling the tool with our Balance Sheet and Cost Projection Calculator or Compensation Localizer.

Advantages of the Host-Based Compensation Cost Projection Calculator

User-friendly: Intuitive and modern interface offers consumer-grade experience and 24/7 global access thanks to cloud-based technology.

Flexible: A wide range of filters and options allows you to view Mercer’s robust data sets and evaluate results in a way that best matches your specific needs.

Affordable: Fixed annual license fee for unlimited calculations.

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Use the tool to understand a host-based compensation budget, with or without relocation costs, for:

  • The international transfer of an employee
  • Localizing an employee (moving them into the host location’s pay structure)
  • Hiring a foreigner (from another country or who already lives in the host location)
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Calculate estimated costs of placing an employee on a host location’s local compensation structure, while taking into account the liabilities or costs related to their country of origin, such as social security contributions or home-location allowances and benefits.

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The tool calculates the net salary of a local employee in a given location and compares it to the cost of the same salary incremented by the ‘plus’ allowances, benefits and relocation costs incurred by the fact that the incumbent has been hired from a different country.

The HBCCP Calculator gives you the flexibility to take various additional elements into account:

  • Foreign social security costs on the part of the employee or employer, alongside their fiscal impact in the host location
  • One-time or recurrent ‘expat’ allowances or benefits, such as housing or education, calculated based on Mercer’s comprehensive mobility data
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Compensation Localizer This online tool simplifies putting an employee on a host-based compensation program or transitioning employees between local compensation plans in different locations.

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